Fun and carefree alternative to the classic cmelet

A few years back my brother in law, who is quite the outdoorsman, shared a most creative and ingenious technique.  It’s a clever way to make an omelet in the great outdoors.  Since then I have seen others use this same method.  If you’ve eaten eggs from a camp stove they are generally way over cooked and reach your plate ice cold.  This technique will produce a perfectly shaped omelet served piping hot.  Here’s how the camp version is made but the procedure can be prepared just as easily on your home stove.

Start by filling a large saucepan with water and set it over the camp stove bringing the water to a vigorous boil. 

While the water is heating up, scramble two or three eggs in a bowl (however many you would use for one portion) just as you would at home.  Feel free to include cheese, onions, peppers, cooked sausage or any number of ingredients. 

If you choose to use onions, peppers and other vegetables, it’s always a good idea to saute them first for maximum flavor.

Then pour the eggs and those fillings into a ziploc bag or any resealable bag and squeeze out all the air you can. 

Drop the bag into the boiling water and let it cook for a few minutes. 

Every once in a while, nudge the baggie with a spoon to mix up the contents inside the bag.  That way the eggs cook evenly.  The cooking time will depend on how many bags you’re doing at one time and how many eggs you’ve used for one portion but it generally takes about three minutes.

What’s really neat is that the eggs take on the shape of the bottom of the bag, which ends up looking like a French rolled omelet.  When the eggs are done take them out of the water and leave them inside the bag until you are ready to serve them.  That’s what keeps them nice and hot.

So as I mentioned earlier…why save this technique only for camping trips?  Make them at home.  It’s a clever way of making a delicious, trouble-free omelet and I think kids would really get a kick out of selecting their own filling ingredients and then participate in the cooking procedure.  And here’s another thought…if breakfasts are a little hectic for your family assemble the bags the night before, set out your pot of water and the next morning all you have to do is bring the water to a boil and drop in your bags.  Cool!

3 Responses to “Fun and carefree alternative to the classic cmelet”

  1. kathy rausch Says:

    Think cooking the eggs in plastic is OK? I’m not sure -kathy

  2. neltarlen Says:

    We’ve done it a few times before and never had a problem. Often we reheat foods in plastic bags. I’m sure everyone will get cancer someday and a little hot plastic is probably the least of our worries.

  3. Denise Stratton Says:

    I love this idea. I am always trying to streamline breakfast.

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