How to keep your cutting board from traveling on the counter

cutting board

I’m sure most everyone has had the chance to catch a glimpse of the different programs on the  food channel. It’s especially fun to watch chefs cut vegetables at lightning speed. They always appear so confident and the agility between the hand and knife is equally impressive.  What you don’t see is what they place underneath the cutting board, before the show, that makes the process a whole lot safer.

There should always be a wet rag between the board and your counter. They taught us that at Cordon Bleu and all professional cooks take the same precaution.  You take a dishrag or a small hand towel, run it under water, ring it out and lay it out it underneath the board. Once the board is set on top of it, it won’t move.  Most of the time we just set the board directly on the counter and of course the second we begin cutting – the board starts to slide.  That can be dangerous. Putting a wet rag between the counter and the board holds the board in place by creating an immobile cutting surface and one that’s much safer to cut on.

Now, placing a rag under the board is not a guarantee that all your cutting troubles will end. You also need a good, sharp knife. This should be a chef’s knife and it should be used correctly. Next time you’re catching a cooking program, watch the chef’s fingers carefully. They use a technique where they tuck their fingertips back and use their knuckle as a guide.  It’s something you should try.  It takes a little practice but it is well worth the effort.

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  1. Mary Says:

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  3. neltarlen Says:

    Instead of a wet dish rag, we use something (I don’t know they name), but it is sold near shelf paper. It’s a non-slip flat web-like sponge that is sold in a roll. We just cut the size we need and always keep it unter our cutting boards. We also use this in our drawers to keep the flatwear container from moving around.

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