Chef Doughty’s Cooking Buddies

3 Responses to “Chef Doughty’s Cooking Buddies”

  1. Russell & Aine Schulmire Says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your site. I think it has a lot of great info on it. It was fun to see the pancakes on it that you fed us this morning. They were delicious.
    I look forward to checking out more of the site later. I also loved how you intended your way into your dream job and got into radio etc… Way to go.

    Keep up the good work.

    Russell Schulmire

  2. Tracie Sweeney Says:

    Our cousin, Greta, recommended your site to us and we have truly enjoyed it! So much fun seeing all the great ideas. I have since passed it on to my other “foodie” friends! Great job! Look forward to seeing what you have next.

  3. teresa burnett Says:

    I listen to you on NPR while I’m in my studio. I use many of your tips, like freezing fresh spices in ice cube trays. We are looking forward to making French toast your way!

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