Banana ice cream

It seems that no matter how hard I try I have a hard time gauging just how many bananas we can consume in one week.  We either have a shortgage or a suplus.  It’s never just right.  And so…I am always trying to find ways of using ripe bananas.  Here’s my latest find and I should say that this recipe works best with bananas that are just developing black spots and not fruit that is overly ripe.  Also this does require a food processor and also optionally, an ice cream freezer, but the latter is not mandatory.  I fell in love with this recipe because it is super easy, absolutely delicious with about 1/3 less calories and fat than traditional vanilla.  And it’s very unique.  It can be served casually with chocolate sauce and peanuts, reminiscent of a banana split, or it pairs well with any number of cakes, fritters or Asian and Caribbean inspired desserts.


Take four large ripe bananas.  Slice them in five or six pieces and set them on a plate or baking sheet, cover with plastic wrap and take them to the freezer, preferably overnight or until they are completely and thoroughly frozen.


Transfer to the food processor, add the juice of one lemon (strain out seeds)  


and run until bananas are reduced to small chunky bits.


Add 1/2 cup cornsyrup and whirl again then gradually feed one cup of cream through the tube (as processor is running) and run until completely smooth, scraping down sides as needed.  At this point if you do not have an ice cream freezer you can transfer the mixture to a container, cover, freeze and use as a frozen dessert. 


If you do have a freezer transfer the mixture to that and run about 20 minutes or until plenty of air is encorporated and mixture is more firmly set up.  Serve and enjoy!

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