Frozen banana split crepes


If you like crepes and like banana splits here’s a great combination.  And this is a great dessert because it can be made ahead and frozen with no last minute fuss.  To make this easy purchase ice cream in the square cartons.  Have your crepes all laid out on a clean counter, preferably each on a sheet of parchment or wax paper. 


Open the carton…


and cut the block into fourths, lengthwise…


and then cut each sheet into thirds, creating 12 sticks total.


Lay 1/2 of a banana (cut lengthwise) on the crepe, cut side up…


and set a stick of ice cream on top. 


Roll and press together pushing in any ice cream that wants to ooze out the ends. 


Roll tight in the parchment, set on a clean, chilled baking sheet…and take immediately to the freezer.  Freeze until firm and then cover really well with plastic wrap to make sure it’s protected from freezer odors.


Cut in half on a diagonal and serve only half for a smaller portion or use both halves for a more generous.  Serve with a drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce, peanuts and cream.  Yum!  Ideally the crepe needs to soften for a few minutes to make it work with a fork or you can serve it firmer and eat with fingers!

*Use bananas that are just barely ripe, not overripe.

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