Granola parfaits – another breakfast idea

It seems that I’m always looking for a little inspiration when it comes to breakfast ideas.  When traveling and looking for healthy breakfast options,  yogurt parfaits are always at the top of my list.  And why not make them at home?  Better yet…if you have children….why not let them assemble parfaits for the family.

You’ll need three ingredients.  Granola (for which there is already a recipe in a prior post, should you need one), yogurt, plain or flavored and then some kind of fruit.  In this case I used blueberries but any berry or combination of berries is awesome.  You can use about any fruit you care to try. The parfaits are especially attractive assembled in a clear glass of some kind but even a coffee mug will do. 

The order of things is not critical but the idea is to layer the color and the textures so that every bite in interesting and delicious.  Here I started with the berries…

then the yogurt.  I used the plain yogurt and would normally leave it unsweetened but if you prefer a sweeter result…

then you can drizzle it with honey. 

Then add your granola and repeat the steps for a second layer.

If the parfait is large enough it stands on its own as a complete breakfast but if it’s smaller toast up an english muffin or bagel and you are set for the day!

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