Pot pie without the pot

I think everyone would have to admit that the best part of a pot pie is the pastry.  No matter how good the filling is.  And puff pastry is probably the most decadent and delicious pastry one could ever hope to pair with the creaminess of the comforting inside.  A few weeks ago I found myself with some 5×5 inch puff pastry squares leftover from a catering event.  I thought of using each square as a freestanding individual pot pie but I was worried that the filling might ooze out too much.  Then… I thought that if I made a think white sauce (the base for the filling) it might be alright.  So that’s what I did.  I made a batch of thick white sauce using 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup butter and one cup milk.  You can make the same base and then season it to your liking.  Thyme leaves are always a great place to start.

In my case I had leftover chunks of beef that I added to the base and an assortment of vegetables.  Everything got mixed together.  If you are using puff pastry or an ordinary pastry the procedure would be as follows.

Set your squares on the counter until somewhat pliable. 

Place a scoop of filling in the middle….

and then bring two opposite points together. 

If needed stretch the ends a bit to make sure that they adequately cover the filling.   

Bring the remaining ends together….pinch and twist. 

Set on a baking sheet and brush with an egg wash, if desired.  The wash provides a shiny coat to the pie. 

Bake at 400 until richly golden and bubbly.  As you can see there was a little oozing but it was minimal.

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