Cooking artichokes in a crock pot

Artichokes are coming into season and I’m someone that could make a meal of two or three.  Yum!  When I was at the store last I picked up three artichokes with the intention of eating them fairly soon.  But it seemed that I was never home long enough (around mealtimes) to find that hour or hour and a half that is required to cook them.  So after a week of putting them off but still craving them I thought of the crock pot.  So this was truly an experiment.  After a short evaluation this is what I would recommend. 


First…cut off most of the stem and remove some of the smaller bottom leaves.


Give the globe a good rinse.


Put two cups of water in the pot and then add your artichokes. 


 I was able to cram three medium-sized globes into the standard-sized crock pot.  Cover with the lid.


I don’t think that it much matters how they are arranged. 


I turned the crock pot on high and found that they cooked in about 5 hours.  The cooking time will vary greatly depending on how many you cook at once, their size and of course the temperature and how tender you want them.  You could easily turn  the heat to low and cook them longer.  The first time will be an experiment for everyone. 


What I discovered is that it used about half of the water…


and I found that the artichokes were somewhat brownish in color, which truly made no difference to me.  In fact, the browning in places gave it sort of a roasted taste, which I love.  But next time I will try adding a thick slice or two of lemon to see if that helps reduce the discoloration. 


I pulled out some chipotle mayonnaise and finished one off in record time.  I like to use the chipotle mayo because I barely dip the end of the leaf and still get a ton of flavor.  That really reduces the fat and calories because artichokes on their own are practically a free food, especially considering the amount of edible portion (or lack thereof).

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  1. Diane Rosen Says:

    Yum! I am trying this with artichokes this weekend!

  2. Joyce Doughty Says:

    Sounds interesting.

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